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Satisfied Clients

Some of the many people extremely happy with my work!! Thank you too!

"Iím mostly interested in interpreting the beauty of life, both the spiritual and the manifest."
" I design and craft my jewelry to be collector's pieces in the future" .

    Well, I was absolutely delighted with my Jester!  I'm very pleased with your design and workmanship.  Your passion and attention to fine detail is quite evident--Oh, and your signature is quite attractive!  I am glad that you suggested the white gold.  Beautiful!             
    Thank you,

What can I say ? I know it does real well in the shower, as I refuse to take it off . Very pleased leaving the house early this morning it was a clear sky with the 1/4 moon showing and it looked like it had been placed on my neck . Can't say enough about it and if you need any recommendations I would be happy to give any that you need . Dan.

    Hi Laurie,        
Received this (phoenix pendant) yesterday and it is absolutely stunning. I've already had so many compliments it's unreal. It's a beautiful piece of work and beyond my expectations.  
I LOVE IT !!  
Thank you so much.  

       OK, it's are the best!!  I received the pendant last night - it looks AMAZING!!!!  Thank you so much for your responsiveness and great craftsmanship.  There is no doubt that the gift is going to blow his mind.  Thanks again for everything!!        :-)  Michelle

Dear Laurie,
        I  received the pendant, and I have to tell you, it is beautiful.  I am so very
happy with how it looks and wears.  I don't know how to thank you enough for
all the time and effort you put into it.  It is something that I will have
for my lifetime and will always remind me of, not only my father, but also
all my memories of him.  I am sure that if he could, he too would remark how
beautiful it is. 
I don't know if you know this or not, but you have helped me through the most
difficult time in my life.  Not only with the pendant, but also with the kind
and compassionate words you've had for me and my mother, as well.  I will
never forget this experience or you. 
Thank you ever so much,

You are one of the good people.

Hi Laurie:        
Just to let you know -- the rings and mold arrived at the end of last week just fine.             
    Very many thanks again for all your efforts. Both of us who have the rings love them.
They are almost identical to the original. Thanks again for all your extra afforts and hard work making them real for us.             
    If I ever need more silverwork done, I will be sure to look you up.                
Best wishes, Clare

The Phoenix arrived yesterday.  It surpassed my fact, I haven't taken it off since it got here!  Thank you for a wonderful gift to myself - it is beautiful and symbolic...I appreciate your efforts and your talent.  I am so pleased.

       Kind Regards,
        Dr. Teri

I received the cobra and there's only one word to describe it: perfect. :) I love it. I've been showing it off to every person I know (and to some I don't know. lol). The ring couldn't fit more perfectly if you had come here and measured my finger yourself.  
It was better than I ever thought it could be. Thank you so much. :)  

Dear Laurie,
        I received my (phoenix) ring yesterday and haven't removed it since ! It is beautiful - and fits perfectly, a lot of silver and extremely easy to wear.
   Alison (in the UK)

    Dear Laurie,        
The Tiger Continuum Brooch arrived yesterday. It's beautiful! The detail is very good. My daughter-in-law will love it.        

Thanks again for your prompt and efficient service.

"The design and craftsmanship is so wonderfully awesome!
Recently I wore it as a pin to the gallery opening and everyone was impressed and asked about the piece.
I am so glad that I chose Animal Dance!!!"
Wm. Mason 9-03

     "Dear Laurie,
      Just wanted to let you know that the pendant and earrings arrived yesterday. It is a beautiful day in Colorado and I took them outside to watch the spectrolite flash in the sunlight!

      Thank you for including the chain. I don't have much jewelry and that meant I can already wear the pendant. These are actually a gift from my husband and it brought tears to his eyes to see me wear them.
These are very special. Thank you. Thank you."

      Lynn     02/07

(Praise for "Animal Dance pendant/pin - May 15, 2007)


    Thank you so much, this is very beautiful. I will spread your name around and if possible, will send you a photo of me wearing it at the opening of The Cool Globes environmental art installation in Chicago June 1.

    Thank you very much. I especially like that it can be used as a pendant or a pin, adding great versatility.

    Please use my recommendation on your website, this is a stunning design and speaks to our love for the planet.

Julie Boton-Ivaz
Dave Ivaz Music, Inc

(Dancing Unicorn pendant - Aug, 2007)

She's beautiful, thank you! Sorry so long for the response, it's very busy here. I 've had a few compliments on her, and even when I took her into the jewelers to get a chain the associate helping me loved her and wanted to know where I got her from. So thank you again! Very beautiful, and very much worth every penny...I never take her off. ;)


(Tiamat pendant - March, 2008)
Hi Laurie,  I got the pendant today and love, love it!!! Thank you so much for being so fast in making it for me, and also for shipping it so quickly. It is gorgeous and I am dying to "show it off". Thanks again and take care....Judith

(Custom Order - April, 2008)

    I just got the necklace in the mail today and I have to say, as soon as I laid eyes on it, I fell in love. It's absolutely georgeous! I'm a writer, it's my hobby and passion, one day I even hope to make it my occupation. Years ago, I started a writing a story that has since spawned into a monster of a series (which I'm still working on, I might add), all based around a necklace out of a myth. You created the very pendant that is the focal point of my story, and in the process even gave me an idea for another story twist. It's even better than what I had been hoping for. I don't think I can properly express how much I love it.
Thank you so much!

(Custom Phoenix Ring w Rare Plume Agate - Oct 31 2008)

my beautiful lady,

thank you thank you so much
it is very big GORGOUS RING


(Custom Lapis Pendant - 2011)

Dear Laurie,
    You should be very proud of this pendant and the reason it is so beautifully perfect is beacuse you did everything yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!! The color of the lapis in the sunlight is otherworldly-no wonder the egyptian royality were thought so highly of it and used so much of it--it is very regal and mystical--I feel a bit royal with it on and I think is will become another body part only to be removed when necessary. I would like to write a testimonial for your websight.How do I do that?

( 18K white gold Mermaid ring - Oct 2013)

Hi Laurie,

    I received her and she is beautiful! The ring fits perfectly. I canít wait to show her off.

Thank you so much!!


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