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Wonderful Very Rare Cabochons for Sale

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       While I am primarily a master jeweler, I've been cutting stones for nearly as long as I've been making jewelry. I have quite a vast knowledge of gems and their properties and am a master cutter with my own techniques. A bit of information on these stones:

I take the pictures of my gems in the brightest light I can use to give "true color". I request that you LOOK at them in that kind of light when you recieve them. Especially the Spectrolite is NOT going to show up in a dim light. It thrives in sunlight as a dark roon or dim bulb is not going to give you the "flash" you're looking for. No gemstone on Earth glows in the dark, not even the coveted diamond.

*Most of my prices are well below market. I need to change that in the near future as I've found I'm undercutting ( no pun intended!) myself by hundreds of dollars per gem. The gems I offer are becoming true precious stones due to their rarity.*

A cabochon is a flat or rounded generally opaque semiprecious or precious gemstone as opposed to the faceted type, which has a table, a pavilion and girdle. The bottom point is the "culet". It is usually a clear semiprecious or precious gemstone. I don't facet.

Many people don't realize how many gemstones are simply vanishing.

TURQUOISE, for instance, is practically unavailable except as stablized or just ground up and mixed with plastic. With the close of The Sleeping Beauty Mine in Globe, AZ, American turquoise has shot up 500%. It is an investment now. The best rough sells by the gram or carat for hundreds of dollars.
Good turquoise is really nearly extinct now.

Even Chinese turquoise which rivaled the best Persian for awhile is now mostly green with a broad mud matrix and pressure plasticized. However, I acquired a small stock of Gem Chinese Yungai in the early days of this century, the best, hardest turquoise I have ever cut!
NOTE:Do not make the mistake of politicizing this Yungia Cloud Mountain turquoise. It was formed in the Earth long before there WAS a China. China has sold it all to Tibet, for what reason no one knows. It is EXCELLENT TURQUOISE

The SUGILITE Manganese mine in the Kaharhari, South Africa barely producing any Sugilite and what there is is sold by the carat, even in the rough. This wonderful purple gem is rarely seen except in private stocks. I've seen a 3 pound piece of color-change Sugilite Gel with a asking price of $17,000.00 a couple of years ago!! Very reasonable; in today's market it would be twice that. Purple gems MUST be found near manganese, that's the mineral which gives them their color

LAPIS LAZULI is becoming very scarce in it's gem form. Many jewelers don't seem to be aware of what is happening in the world of gems. India is grinding it up now and pouring it inot molds, producing stones which have a "sparkly" surface. These "gems" are virutally worthless.
Every high quality semi precious gem is an investment as so many are only found in one particular place on Earth

FINNISH SPECTROLITE, The Yin/Yang gemstone, which was discovered in Finland during WWII, is getting very expensive and the true gem grade is long GONE...except for what I have on offer.
The rough is simply not to be had except in small inferior slabs and the cut stones I've seen are inferior in cut, pattern and color. It seems most of it is being blasted out of the mines now and this produces cracks throughout the rough rock. While spectrolite IS a variety of Labradorite, much of the "Spectrolite" being sold today is actually the much lower quality Madagascar Labradorite, which some cutters are now backing with a darker stone to make it look like Spectrolite.

      I handcut all gems offered in these galleries and have quite a good selection of many types of rough rock which I produce my cabochons from. I have had much of this gem material for many years. Lapidary is a highly precise skill and I design my cabochons on paper before they are cut. You may be sure you are getting the real thing from Laurie Stetzler.



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