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Award Winning Designer Jeweler Bio

    I have been making and selling jewelry since I graduated from University in 1972. I also taught myself to cut and polish gemstones so that now, I cut some of the best, rare gemstones around. Lapidary is not easy nor inexpensive. Neither is jewelry making. One has to be very, very good at what one does with precious metals or they don't survive as artists in the medium. I learned a lot in my high school classes in jewelry and art and I learned a bit more in the University. But, in spite of Bachelor degrees in both Jewelry and Silversmithing and Drawing and Painting, I learned the most by just doing it.
    I've worked for corporations: Hallmark Cards Miniature Galleries when they were in existence, a jewelry manufacturing company doing mastermodel and design work, freelancing for a biker jewelry outfit here in town that got, through my work, a reputation as having the best biker jewelry in the USA. They got rich, I got peanuts. But I learned how to carve for production...and in the most effective way to present the model for casting in one of a kind pieces
    Now, the jewelry industry is pushing out the master carvers in favor of robotic carving machines . Good for those thousands of diamonds set in thin rings in Thailand, but not very effective for creative design works.
    Artists like me just aren't around much anymore and the jewelry stores charge an arm and a leg just for a Cad-Cam-ed wax...more than I charge for carving AND casting it in gold or silver.

Laurie Stetzler & Mambo kitty

I've won awards; most significantly the Niche finalist which is a very political award. Other ones, I can't even remember.
    I've invented catches and closures which are now industry standard. My designs are so good they have been stolen and gone around the world for 30 years now, ...that's the jewelry world for you.

    I've sold my work thru Sachs 5th Avenue and Nieman Marcus. I've sold my jewelry to galleries up and down the East Coast and some in the West. I've exhibited in some of the major juried crafts shows in these areas.
I don't do that anymore.

    I have made custom jewelry for people all around the world.

    My procedures for doing custom work for people are effective everywhere in this digital age.
I put up this website so I could offer my expertise world wide to people at a reasonable price and still make a bit of profit for myself. I feel what I offer people in terms of design, quality and wear-ability is far superior to most other outlets.
    I don't do wholesale anymore. I can't work that hard now that I'm older.

    I strive for design appeal that people can't find anywhere else and in intricacy and beauty of my carving and hand-built jewelry. I can design in nearly any style as you can see from my bodies of work on these pages.
    I use a wide range of techniques and have invented others plus tools and many catches and clousures and tweaked still others to do things many jewelers just can't do.
I am a jeweler's jeweler; many times only other jewelers can guess how I do something. but I feel the same about some other folks who do incredible work as well...don't have a clue how they do it!

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    My custom design work is very work intensive with lots of professional photography. My website is pretty vast for an individual jeweler/metalsmith. It's not cheap to maintain a website like this. You can consider it a virtual storefront. I do all the design, carving, casting etc. And I don't keep much of an inventory as I make the pieces as they are ordered.
    I treat people with respect and friendliness and am very good at intuiting what you want in your piece of my jewelry. If you buy from me, expect rigorous honesty in my dealings with you. I also expect the same from whoever I work with...
    Art and jewelry are my lifelong passion and being as perfect a jeweler in this perfectionist craft/art is what I've become over years of patient accumulation of knowledge and skill. You'll get more than what you pay for from Laurie's Jewelry, you'll get something nobody else has which will increase in value with the years.

PS: A picture of one of my bolos has just been included in the very prestigious international Lapidary Journal magazine for January/February's 2014 Tuson Gem Show edtion.
I'm kinda excited about that. The mag has been around since 1947! Pick up a copy.

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